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Dear NJTIA Board Members;

As an added benefit to NJTIA of Directors allocated up to $10,000 to form a Travel Show Co-op with NJTIA members.  NJTIA members will be offered the opportunity to pay a nominal fee to have their literature distributed at upcoming leisure travel shows.

Below are three shows that we will be attending:

  • Washington DC Travel and Adventure show- February 20th & 21st
  • Philadelphia Travel and Adventure Show – March19th & 20th
  • Day Trips and Destinations (Connecticut) – May 14th

All participants will receive leads from each show that we attend; we have display spaces for 20 partners on a first come first serve basis.  Each partner can ship 250-300 pieces of material.  It is $150 for each show or $450 for all three shows.  Once all partners are in place we will notify you with shipping instructions. Volunteering is a big part of Tourism and a great way to gain exposure for your business, if you would like to volunteer for any of these shows we would be happy to have your participation on a first come first serve basis. Please note all travel is at your own expense.

I have personally attended these shows as have others on our board and have found them very successful.

Our goal is to promote the entire state of New Jersey.  We look forward in growing this new program and look for any input form you on recommendations of other shows.

We thank you for you continued support to NJTIA and hope that you will support us with this new opportunity.

Best Regards,

Sharon Franz

2016 New Jersey Conference on Tourism Nominations

The New Jersey Tourism Industry Association is comprised of thousands of businesses and community leaders that make a difference in state. The New Jersey Tourism Industry Association would like to recognize the accomplishments of those who achieved true excellence in providing an exceptional experience that enhances tourism across New Jersey. 


Projects, events, programs, partnerships, promotional initiatives, digital outreach, or attractions by any person, business or organization, be it public or private, profit or non-profit who works toward the common goal of improving the New Jersey tourism product, increasing over-night stays and attracting out-of-state visitors and increasing mid-week stays, increasing tourism expenditures, and positively promoting locations within New Jersey as a destination. The nominated program must have been initiated, established, improved upon, and/or completed between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015. Deadline for nomination is January 30, 2016.  Any person, business or organization may only make one entry per year.  If you won in 2015, you are not eligible to win that particular category in 2016, but may submit a nominations in on e of the other three categories.

Winners will be honored at the
2016 New Jersey Conference on Tourism
March 3-4 at the Resorts Hotel and Casino

NOTE: The Awards Ceremony will take place during the conference… Winners will be notified prior to the Conference. One complimentary ticket will be given out to attend the Awards Ceremony. Registration information will be available at www.visitnj.org/industry and  www.njtia.org

Benefits-what does it mean to win:

Award winners will receive:

  • NJ Tourism Conference logo stating “Winner of a 2015 New Jersey Tourism Excellence Award” for use on advertising collateral, brochures, and websites;
  • Inclusion in a press release created by NJTIA announcing award winners;
  • Featured link and listed on social media   www.njtia.org.
  • Tourism Award acknowledging 2015 recognition

Entries in the following categories will be considered:

Digital Outreach:

    • Social Media and online marketing has changed the way travelers choose and purchase vacations. Has the nominee created a new website or created a social media campaign? How does it engage the visitor? Does it represent the destination or attraction and ensure that web hits result in actual visitation?


    • Partnerships are of utmost importance to the continued strength of the New Jersey tourism industry. Did a partnership include a package to attract and sell your destination? Did it leverage marketing funds or add stability to the participating parties? Does the partnership add value to the visitor’s experience in New Jersey?


    • Tourism professionals are faced with the challenge of maintaining their visibility in an extremely competitive travel climate. Has the nominee met this challenge through a unique marketing plan or initiative? Has visitation and participation increased as a result of informed marketing decisions and carefully selected media purchases? Has the marketing budget been stretched through cooperative marketing programs?

Public Relations:

    • Media exposure outside of purchased advertisements are an essential part of effective marketing plans. Has the nominee utilized a public relations campaign to maximize its public exposure? 

Click here for NJTIA Excellence Award Nomination Form

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