New Jersey’s Travel & Tourism Industry Report

Key Results

  • Tourism is an integral component of the New Jersey economy.
  • The industry’s spending recovery accelerated in 2011 with a 7.1% rise in visitor spending.
  • In 2011, total tourism demand in the State of New Jersey tallied $38 billion.
  • Tourism demand has recovered the losses from the recession and is just shy of the all-time high reached in 2007.
  • Tourism spending directly supports 312,000 jobs in New Jersey and 486,000 jobs including indirect and induced impacts.
  • These jobs representing 9.8% of total employment or 1 in 10.2 jobs in New Jersey.
  • The tourism sector directly represented $16.5 billion of state GDP in 2011, 3.4% of the entire state economy.
  • Including indirect and induced impacts, tourism in New Jersey generated $4.4 billion in state and local taxes and $4.8 billion in Federal taxes last year.
  • In the absence of the state and local taxes generated by tourism, each NJ household would need to pay $1,380 to maintain governmental revenues.

Industry indicators

  • State bed tax grew 7.4% in 2011.
  • Room demand grew 5.1% and an increasing average daily rate meant room revenue grew 6.9%.
  • Average room rates in New Jersey grew to $106.
  • Tourism-related employment turned upward in 2011, growing 0.6% from the prior year.
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