Take Action

Contact your legislators regarding the reduction of tourism funding by clicking this link www.njleg.state.nj.us and follow the instruction below. NOTE: you can bypass these instructions or minimize the
“clicks” if you already know your legislator or district and how to contact them.


1. Click on the link above
2. On the left aide bar under “MEMBERS” click on find your legislator
3. On the right side bar click on municipality
4. Find your municipality and click on it. This will display your legislative
5. Click on your District number. This will display your legislators
6. Click on your Senator. This will display your Senator. On the right side
you will see a field that says contact your legislator. Click on that and it
will display all three legislators for your district
7. click all three boxes and click select your representative. This will
display the correspondence field
8. The first item asks you for subject. Scroll through the list to State Budget
and Finance and click that
9. Continue to fill in your personal information and message and when
completed click submit


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