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Lauren Craig Shares Her Story #TourismAndYou

For Lauren Craig, the success of the New Jersey tourism industry is personal. Craig is glambassador of the City of Newark and marketing manager at Newark Arts. “I shine a light on all of the glamorous happenings in Newark and see myself as representative of the best and the brightest that Newark has to offer,” she said. She wrote the travel and tourism guide 100 Things to Do in Newark Before You Die, and in her role of marketing manager, she shares the work of Newark Arts and promotes art events.lauren craig of newark arts

“I have taken on the challenge of changing the perception of Newark from a city that is equated with poverty and crime to one that is known to foster art, beauty, culture, industry, architecture, higher education, and so much more,” Craig said. In her work, she focuses on the exciting people, places, and things that are uniquely Newark.

As the tourism industry evolves, the perception of New Jersey evolves. Because of Craig’s work, including helping to produce the Open Doors Citywide Arts Festival, the City of Newark is receiving the attention it deserves. The arts and culture industries are major economic anchors attracting visitors to the area, and Newark has become a tourist destination with billions of dollars of development in the pipeline. If budgets for the tourism industry were cut, Craig would likely see the work of her and many others in Newark go to waste.

Craig is one of the 517,559 New Jersey residents working in the tourism industry whose job could be in jeopardy if the proposed budget cuts are passed. The New Jersey Destination Marketing Organization (NJDMO) and New Jersey Tourism Industry Association (NJTIA) are working together ensure this does not happen, influence elected officials, underscore the industry’s role in ensuring economic prosperity, and highlight the stories of people like Craig.

To make this a possibility and save funding for the industry, NJDMO and NJTIA need your help. To learn what you can do to lend your support for New Jersey tourism, visit the #TourismAndYou toolkit.

sharrott winery

Larry Sharrott Shares His Story #TourismAndYou

Larry Sharrott, Sr. and his family opened the doors of the Sharrott Winery in Blue Anchor, New Jersey 10 years ago. Sharrott Winery is a family-owned and -operated business, with Larry, Sr. and his oldest son acting as equal owners. For the Sharrotts, the New Jersey tourism industry acts as a personal and professional lifeline.

According to Larry Sharrott Sr, “Increased tourism is helping to change the perception of our industry.  When visitors get the opportunity to taste our wines and visit our wineries they come away with a greater understanding of the high quality wines and customer experience that we have become known for.”

To attract more visitors, the winery holds events like the “Live Music Series” which features local artists and an annual festival every spring. The tourism generated by Sharrott Winery helps fuel the local economy with spending at other local businesses such as restaurants.

Sharrott says less tourists will be traveling to the state to visit restaurants, wineries, and other attractions in the wake of budget cuts. “Hotels and restaurants would probably be hit the hardest,” said Sharrott. “Likely, the shore would see less people and thus the small businesses would suffer.”

Each day, 517,559 Americans go to work in the New Jersey tourism industry, and the threat of budget cuts puts jobs like Larry Sharrott, Sr. and the New Jersey residents he employs in jeopardy. New Jersey Destination Marketing Organizations and New Jersey Tourism Industry Association have joined forces to advocate for and lend support to the New Jersey tourism industry.

If you are interested learning what you can do to lend your support for New Jersey tourism, visit the #TourismAndYou toolkit here.

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